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Online Art Class

This is a free photography class for everyone stuck at home! :)

The aim of this exercise is to use your imagination and some creative lighting to create visions of outer space inside your home, just like I did in my exhibition Proximal Orbit.

You only need three things:

- something that takes pictures

- a torch

- imagination

Here's some of the work from my exhibition Proximal Orbit.
This exhibition was about how badly I want to participate in exploring outer space, but can't. Instead, I made my own 'exploratory documentation' entirely within my own home.

Here are some real NASA photographs for inspiration

Get shooting!

Find yourself a good space-themed playlist

to listen to as you go looking around the house for space.

Suggestions of things to look for:
- a martian landscape

- the surface of the moon
- the surface of jupiter

- stars in the night sky

- a spacecraft

objects you could start with:

- marbles

- basketball

- orange

Tips for shooting:

Darken the room. Close the curtains/blinds or wait until evening and leave the lights off so that your torch can be the dominant light source.

Try some weird angles - both with the camera and with the light source.

Sometimes your torch light can be too bright.
If you are using an iphone, tap on the screen when you are using the camera to bring up this yellow box. Tap on the sunshine icon and drag it down to reduce how much light is being captured. There will be a similar function on other smart phones.

Photo 19-3-20, 1 04 46 pm.png

I like to turn my images black and white to really finish them off.

It reminds me of the black and white photographs from the Apollo 11 mission.

In this section you'll find some of the images that I made as part of this exercise, just on my phone around the house. On the left you'll find the image, and on the right you'll find the video of how I captured it.

Photo 18-3-20, 9 13 34 pm.jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 15 26 pm (2).jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 07 58 pm (1).jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 24 15 pm (1).jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 8 55 13 pm.jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 19 56 pm (1).jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 36 23 pm (1).jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 29 49 pm.jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 43 07 pm.jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 03 28 pm (1).jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 26 50 pm (1).jpg
Photo 18-3-20, 9 40 33 pm.jpg

Share your work!

Share your work

Don't forget to share what you capture!
Use #seelikesteph & tag @stephfullerartist on social media so that I can see it :)

I'll put some favourites on this page for others to see.

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