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Proximal Orbit

Proximal Orbit is a series of photographic and moving-image works motivated by a yearning to participate in the exploration of outer space. Limited to earthbound subject matter, Fuller uses common objects and the human body to recreate sights usually reserved for astronauts. The act of making the work served as a form of extraterrestrial exploration and documentation - that which Fuller's status of non-astronaut would otherwise preclude her from. The use of objects that are knowable (things that you can touch or behold) is Fuller's way of bridging the distance between her self and the unknowable realm that is outer space.

February 21 - March 22, 2019
68-72 Gibson St, Bowden SA


This exhibition was supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund, by Atkins Pro Lab, Guildhouse, and the South Australian Government through Carclew.

Songs that inspired and motivated the work.

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